Filippo Farallo and Karoline Hanks traversed the Scottish Highlands in the 400km Cape Wraith ultra trail and returned grinning from ear to ear. Filippo was 6th overall and Karoline 3rd lady. Filippo looks back on his training and the race …

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The Cape Wrath Ultra By definition trail running involves moving oneself unassisted across any surface that is not tar. Because of this definition using distance alone becomes almost meaningless when comparing different trail runs. Words such as technical, ascent and altitude help describe the difficulties and challenge of a trail run, but even they cannot […]

Lucky Miya wins 100km Skyrun

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Lucky Miya wins 100km Skyrun So proud of Lucky Miya, who I have coached for the past 4 years, winning today’s 100km Salomon Skyrun in 12.58.  Taking second place was Sange Sherpa, an international runner from Team Instinct Athlete, in 13.56, with Christiaan Greyling 3rd. On Thursday when Lucky and I planned the race we […]

Two years ago Barry Maitland-Stuart was fighting for his life with throat and neck cancer. This year he ran his first Comrades and returned home with a Bill Rowan medal. Here is his inspiring story …

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 The Comrades Marathon – a marathon in name only Most of us have heard the proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. In running terms, it takes several of them to get to the end of Comrades. This is a run that, as the payoff line suggests, takes all of you. Everything within […]

THE RIDE WITH YOU is a science-fiction, short-story about mountain biking, dreamed up by my buddy, Denis Droppa, on our many rides. On our last ride I dared him to publish it on my website. I loved it it, so read on and enjoy …

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THE RIDE WITH YOU BY DENIS DROPPA “Your suffer score is going into the red zone. You still have 600 metres left on this segment so reduce your effort by 30 percent, or you will hit the wall.” Hit the wall. Fred is using jargon to tell me what my agonised middle aged body is […]