How it works

How it works

For the past 18 years, using the Recovery Based Training System I have developed, I have coached a range of runners on road and trail over distance ranging from 5km to 6-day circuit races.

 I coach road runners such as 10km specialist Judy Bird who has won the World Veteran Champs over 10 and 21km,  veteran runner Greg Barnes with a 6.10 Comrades, and sub 3hr marathon lady, Vicky Hansen.

On the trail I coach runners such as Lucky Miya who has competed internationally and won races such as the  100km Salomon Skyrun this year, Tarryn Lopez who broke the Mutter 35km record this this year, and Steven Erasmus who broke the Mutter 65km record this year.

Many of my runners are mid-field and back-of-the-pack runners seeking to complete their own goals, be it going from zero to finishing a 5km park run, to tackling their first Comrades under the cut-off time.

Although the bulk of my runners are in Gauteng, I also have runners in KZN, the Cape, as well as in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia,  Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Germany.

 I use Google calendars for the programmes as it is interactive use Strava to monitor runners. This is backed up by whatsapp and  I also have whatsapp groups for my runners to share information as well as newsletters.