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Izanokhanyo Community Based Project

You may be wondering why I chose to support Izanokhanyo Community Based Project?

Well, as a coach I wanted to offer something different. Something that I saw that none of the other coaches were offering. An opportunity to give back.

For those not familiar with Izanokhanyo, it’s situated on the outskirts on Kliptown, a squatter camp in Soweto, where 17% of the households are child headed households.

Izanokhanyo is not a charity but plays a role in providing after care for children between ages 7 years to 18 years old who are still in school. After school, these learners are helped with their homework and are given a loaf of bread per learner to take home. Relying solely on donations, the center is run by Helen along with four other volunteers.

As donations have dried up, so too have the number of children coming to the after care. The vegetable garden is in dire need of a make-over. The play area needs to be upgraded. And a general clean-up of the centre is needed.

Over the coming months, I will be sharing some news and updates on Izanokhanyo. They have recently signed up with SnapScan making donations a lot easier. But they are also in need of donations of time, energy and skills which I know a lot of my runners have in order to fix the centre up.

My aim as a coach is to provide my athletes with guidance that fuels their training, their eating and helps them get to where they need to be. Helen’s journey mirrors mine with the children of Izanokhanyo. We help others to grow, to believe in themselves and to reach their goals. She needs a lot more help and together, we can make that difference.

To donate:

And in case you want to do a more traditional deposit, here are the bank details for voluntary donation: 


Izanokhanyo Community Based Project: 

Acc no: 9277796093 

NPO Number:  094 380

Christmas Party 2016

CoachNeville athletes raised the money to provide gifts for the kids' Christmas party.