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Welcome to the world of running

If you have never experienced the fun, increased levels of energy and feeling of freedom that running gives you, then you may want to try this.

The aim of Rock 5 Kays

"It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop"

By my assistant coach, Rae Clerihew, is to get couch potatoes out of the door to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, or to help those who are already doing 5km runs, to get faster.

Are you ready to start your Rock 5 Kay? Do not hesitate, hesitation will get you nowhere. Get started today.

Chat with our trainer

We use the Final Surge training app for the programmes, and Strava for monitoring your runs. You can then chat to Rae using whatsapp as well. 

R400 pm

Runners on this programme receive the same benefits as all my runners, with discounts at selected Sweat Shops, as well as Trappers.

Parkrun Traveller

About Rae

Rae is an avid ‘parkrun traveller’, chasing the ‘green tourist cap’, but this experienced triathlete has done it all, qualifying for the World Triathlon Champs in Madeira in 2004, running the Comrades marathon and swimming from Robben Island to Blouberg. Rae has also competed in ultra trails such as the 50km Mont-Aux-Source mountain race and the 52km Rhodes ultra.

But back in 1992, Rae loved the gym, and a poster on the gym wall “Swim the English Channel” caught her eye, which got her started with swimming. Then she heard about 10km road races and was on cloud 9 when she first managed to run 2km. 

I started toying with the idea of helping  parkrun runners improve their times when I was approached on a few occasions and asked ‘how do I get faster?’. And I have friends and acquaintances that are keen to try a parkrun, but feel intimidated feeling it is way out of reach as the furthest they walk is in a shopping mall car park.

With this mind and as she loves helping people, Rae has joined forces with Coach Neville to help such runners.

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