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I offer personalised programmes tailored to you, available with any package. 

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We all need feedback and support in our quest to become better runners.

Can Exercise Age You? The Surprising Truth Revealed

In the pursuit of a youthful physique, many individuals turn to regular exercise regimens, such as running, cycling, weight training, and yoga, among others. These activities not only contribute to a toned and fit body but also enhance overall well-being. However, recent research suggests that while exercise may give you a younger-looking body, it could potentially age your face.

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Comrades may blow your mind  My article on mind strategies for the Comrades marathon is in remembrance of Greg Barnes (left), who ran a Comrades

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Communication & Advice

We all need feedback and support in our quest to become better runners. Runners are welcome to chat with me at any time, seven days a week, using whatsapp or email. Local runners can meet me for coffee catch ups when they want to.


My runners are eligible for discounts with my associated brands.

Personalised training programs

While generic training programmes are useful, they have limitations.

A runner may pick a programme or goal that is not suitable for their current level of fitness and become injured. A personalised programme will be tailor-made for your current fitness and goals.

Coach Neville

How my coaching works

For the past 22 years I have helped hundreds of runners achieve their dreams, using the Recovery Based Training System I have developed. 

Road & Trail Training

I do online coaching for road and trail, using the Final Surge training app, which integrates training programmes, monitoring performance and communication.

Dullstroom High-Altitude Training

Each year I organise the popular high-altitude training run at Dullstroom in March.

Who is my training for?

Many of my runners are mid-field and back-of-the-pack runners seeking to complete their own goals...

Training App

We use the Final Surge training app for the programmes

We use the Final Surge training app for the programmes, and Strava for monitoring your runs. The final surge app is expertly designed to offer flexible approaches to training, tracking as well as communication.


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Rock 5 Kay

Welcome to the world of running

If you have never experienced the fun, increased levels of energy and feeling of freedom that running gives you, then you may want to try this.

Helpful Articles

Neville offers advice and helpful tips on diet & nutrition as well as well as tips on different running terrain.

Rock 5 Kay

Get couch potatoes out of the door to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, or to help those who are already doing 5km runs, to get faster.

Dullstroom 50km

My annual 50km training run at high altitude on quiet dirt and tar roads outside Dullstroom is perfect training for the Comrades.


My coaching fees include packages for individuals as well as couples.


What They Say

I tend to question people and exert great pressure on myself, but I learnt a long time ago that Neville knows best and I do what he says.

He is quick to respond to any queries or phone calls and listens to any suggestions and thoughts that I might have on my performances and programme.   He is always researching running and training which gives me the confidence that not only is he basing his advice on his own experiences (having been an accomplished runner himself), but has also studied other successful coaches and athlete performances. Some coaches tend to over train their runners, but I find Neville’s programmes to be easily doable with a busy lifestyle, yet still produce the results. I have never had an overtraining injury in the many years I have been running with Neville.

Judy Bird

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